SEO and how the new Google updates will Affect you

When it comes to making a noticeable online presence, SEO optimization has become a standard that everyone who partakes to succeed in online marketing needs to abide by. When we think of search engines, the fact is this almost always relates to Google since it sets the standards for organic search. The formula is quite simple, the better the Google search position, the bigger the traffic.

Furthermore, getting a good ranking is only the first step in providing an excellent organic search status. Search engine optimization needs to be seen as an on-going process. Suppose your website is ranked highly in organic search at the moment. In that case, the only safe way to maintain this status is to closely monitor all current and upcoming Google updates, particularly those related to their search algorithm, and regularly apply them.  With that in mind, let’s see what Google prepared for September 2020.

Changes to Search Terms Report

Google announced that from September 2020 its Search Terms Report would feature only those terms that a significant number of users had searched, regardless if the searched terms got a click or not. Consequently, the reports will feature fewer terms since the lower volume search terms will be omitted.  This raised a substantial concern among the SEO practitioners worldwide, the result would mean more complicated keyword mining and reduced conversion rates. Therefore, to improve your SEO process, forget about using single keywords, and consider expanding your digital marketing skills.

Improvement of Google Search relevance and reliability

In their September 2020 report, Google summarized the recent changes to its search algorithm that concern search relevance and reliability and announced that the trend would continue. The ultimate goal of these changes is to provide results that are as reliable and as relevant as possible. To secure this, Google BERT will see broader use in news stories full coverage, and Google will continue to work closely with Wikipedia to eliminate the possibility of vandalism within Wikipedia entries, particularly those appearing in knowledge panels. Finally, breaking news queries are now detected in a matter of minutes compared to more than 40 it took until recently.

Promotion of virtual appointments and online classes to help local business

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic crises and its enormous impact on business, Google continued to extend its online services tool kit announced earlier in 2020. Business profiles now feature an option to offer virtual services and online appointments, as well as online estimates. Also, Reserve with Google has been expanded to feature online services and classes. Still, it remains to be seen whether any virtual consultation will be possible outside Reserve with Google program or its partners, Booksy and Zooty, among others. Whatever it turns out to be, it has become apparent that local businesses will have to transfer to online consultations and appointments if they want to survive the change in customers’ behavior affected by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Easier access to Search, Chrome, and Gmail in iOS 14

Google prepared for the launch of iOS14 with a set of updates to Chrome, Gmail, and Search, all to provide easier access to its most frequently used apps. Google Search Widget can be added to Home Screen, Google Chrome set as a default browser, and in a short time, it would be possible to make Gmail a default email app. Easier access will surely increase the number of Google app iPhone users and consequently expand the number of potential visitors coming from organic search, estimates an SEO agency Dubai Therefore, featuring content involving iPhone users’ needs to be taken into consideration to improve any SEO process.

Shorter content gets more backlinks

A recent study from Fractl that covered more than 5000 pieces of content. It showed that content having between 700 and 1000 words achieved the highest backlinking potential. content related to sports, sex, and relationships topped the topics list (not surprising), How-to articles led the top 5 most shared article types while content that provoked an emotional reaction had a more considerable sharing potential in general. Google search algorithm continues to improve its ability to recognize the content’s context and message. Therefore, offering a how-to sports content that attracted a strong emotional reaction such as love or hate was bound to achieve a superb SEO ranking.

Google Search Console Insights goes live

What has been announced a while ago is now in its beta testing phase. Search Console Insight has been created to help content creators and publishers better understand how their readers came to discover their content in the first place and what makes them return for updates and new topics covered. It also helps answer others usually asked important questions about content performance, such as how are new pieces of content performing and what other sites backlinking to your content. This is an instrumental data, certainly well-worth checking out for all those who wish to improve their SEO process.

Having keywords in domain name definitely does not bring ranking benefits

For years, some SEO experts have emphasized that including a suitable keyword in a domain name will improve the chances for a particular site to receive a better Google Search ranking. On the other hand, there were SEO experts that denied this correlation. And, they seem to be right. That is, they are right from now on, since it was once again confirmed by John Mueller from Google that there is no link between a keyword in a domain name and a good Google Search ranking. The quality of the content is what is crucial in obtaining a better position.

September 2020, Google updates are more than enough to keep you fully engaged in brushing up your SEO process and continue improving search rankings. As always, the faster the reaction to new changes in the search algorithm, the better the chances are of getting an advantage over the competition.

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