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SO, Let’s build you an effective Social Media Strategy.

Anyone can do Social Media, right?

This used to be true. However Over time the power of organic reach has faded. Great content no longer cuts it without introducing some kind of paid aspect to your strategy. It is now you need a partner.

AND this is where Rooted Digital can help you  through the maze of social networks. We will devise a results orientated strategy building a Map of where you should be focusing your social media marketing budgets.

Consumers EXPECT your brand to have a tailored and cohesive social media strategy across multiple platforms.

Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai

How do you get results you are looking for through paid social media Marketing?

Well, by hiring Rooted Digital, The simple answer is we succeed if you succeed.

Now for a bit more detail.

It is important to remember that you do not need to spend lots of money, but you do need to spend wisely. Firstly, who your audience is, where are they found and if possible how are they networking.

Where should you be investing your budget and time Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. What would be a good budget to set? 

Now this might sound like a lot of information to know and find out and you may not have all the answers upfront. This is where we help. 

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is the strategy, and again, it needs to be consistent with you brand objectives and holistic strategy.

We have carried out numerous paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We have a team of social media specialists that plan and execute campaigns for clients at every level.

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Why Rooted Digital?

Rooted Digital’s Social Media Management and Advertising Service removes the complexity of social media for business owners and lets you stick to what you know best!

No two packages are the same and we tailor everything to your unique requirements  requirements. 

BUT, Our process is simple:

  1. Create the copy
  2. Track the data
  3. Test the ads
  4. Tweak the ads  using the testing results
  5. Repeat

You can’t maximise what you fail to measure. Better data equals better results.

  • Completing a competitor analyses
  • Creating engaging organic social campaigns
  • Creating data-driven social campaigns
  • Tracking your social campaigns
  • Managing and monitoring your social reputation
  • Simplifying your efforts with website integration

Rooted Digital is much more than just a Boutique Agency — WE truly see ourselves as an extension to your business and strive to understand your services, products, sales process and competitors to effectively market your company. 

With no long term contract to sign we hope that you will give us a try and get in contact today. 

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