Importance Of Hiring a Google Local SEO Expert

Google My Business (GMB)as the name suggests, lets you build a Locally focused business listing on Google. This ensures that you have the details required for consumers to visit your site or shop, contact your company or make a purchase.

Google is the world’s most successful search engine with an incredible search market share of over 70 per cent. The development of the relatively new GMB account on Google makes it easier for you to promote your company where you are based geographically.

If you don’t have a GMB page, your ability to create more local traffic to your business becomes increasingly harder as Google puts more weight behind this service (currently offered free by Google). It is relatively simple to setup and we have explained how in our blog, However if you would like one of our Local Business Experts to help then please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

It is a tech-heavy world out there and to survive the competition you must make sure that your business is visible to your audiences. Google have launched this product to try and help small business get a presence online. However as usual with SEO if you are not ranking on the top pages then it is going to be very hard for clients to find you.

You can track the company’s presence through Google’s search results. For example, it ensures consumers gain valuable knowledge about your company when they enter your Google Company or search for words relating to your goods or services.

Google’s GMB product helps your Business by:

  • Getting your business on the Local 3 Pack
  • Reach your target market and engage for free
  • Establish your company as an authority if you follow Googles guidelines
  • Raising consumer trust as clients can leave reviews
  • Rising traffic and hopefully revenues

What Can You Do With Google Business Listing Services

GMB provides brands with a simple but effective way to search for customers. You will use GMB to:

  • Update your company profile whenever needed. Only download the Google My Business app and you’ll be able to edit your profile on the go.
  • Showcase your goods and services in visual form. Provide multiple captivating pictures and videos of your offers to entice users.
  • Gain attention from consumers by motivating them to write reviews. The higher click-through and conversion rates will help companies with positive feedback on their profile.
  • Get deep insights into what GMB is bringing to your market. It lets you monitor, among others, site visits, and calls.

Hire a firm like Rooted Digital to help optimise your GMB page

A Google My Business page is one of the most effective ways of improving online awareness for a company. Take the first step to increasing the online presence of your company-now build and optimise your GMB profile!

With the right Local SEO strategy, your online visibility will definitely grow. A Local SEO strategy working on conjunction with a traditional SEO strategy and you have the makings of a powerful online presence.

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