Why You Need An Explainer Video

Humans are sensory beings. We love data that engages us visually and auditorily. The medium of video is such an effective communication tool because it allows us to process information much easier. In fact, psychologists claim that our brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text!

Let that sink in.

With the bombarding communication received on a day-to-day basis, it is up to brands to cut through the clutter.

An explainer video is designed in such a way that gives a run-down of a subject in the span of minutes.

Let’s break it down.

Why audiences want explainer videos

1. Liven up your pitch

Our brains are hardwired to avoid any unnecessary cognitive strain. You can say that “laziness” is a common tendency of the brain.

Explainers are straight to the point. Not only that but they are also a visceral experience.
You’re able to hit home with your audience with a concise and engaging message that they won’t have an excuse to bail early.

2. Brand storytelling

Videos progress in a linear fashion, which means you can illustrate in a story how your business solves a customer need.

The principles of storytelling in marketing are this:

  • problem
  • solution
  • how it works
  • value proposition
  • call to action

An explainer video walks your customers through the scenario in which you have the solution to their problem.

3. Brand identity

Brands begin and end with identity. A customer becomes a repeat when they identify with you. An explainer video is a chance to showcase your brand personality by giving a face to your name. The human element is inherently familiar and develops a sense of trust.

You can display it through the tone of the script, the narrator’s voice, the color code. You’re able to use music to manipulate the mood, tell a joke.

The bottom line is this: give your audience a memorable viewing experience.

What explainer videos do for brands:

Besides being psychologically compelling, explainers have very tangible results for brands, namely:

1. Boost your online visibility

Video encourages your audience to stay longer than what their general attention span affords. Google measures the time that that a visitor lingers on your website. The longer the time, the higher your website ranks in the SERP!

2. Increase conversion rates

Embedding video to your landing page increases conversions by 80%. Customers are almost twice as likely to buy your product upon seeing video. Moreover, customers that don’t even watch the video but noticed the option convert at a higher rate than the lack thereof.

3. Videos go viral

“Going viral” – a concept that has come to life since the dawn of Youtube. Up till this point, there is no proven formula for going viral, but the share-ability of video makes it the top form of content that gets distributed on the internet.

Here are some types of explainer videos you can consider getting:

  • Live Action
    Best for businesses selling a physical product or a people-oriented service, this involves real people explaining the process. This can bring about a good connection to the viewers.
  • Animation
    The most popular and preferred type of explainers for businesses selling intangible products. The best part? You’re not confined to the real world, bring on the unicorns!
  • Screencast
    You may want to introduce your software to customers and you can do them by giving a vivid demonstration of how it works via recording your screen. This can show the attractiveness of the user interface and its ease of use, in a digestible way.
  • About Us
    Who wants to read a mission statement? Tell it by video! It’s a great way to showcase your corporate culture.

There is so much merit to be found in explainer videos that it would need an explainer video to list them all.

From the first TV commercial aired in the 40s to today’s brand stories, video is a mighty resource. Its ingrained power to compel, retain, and convert its viewers is far superior to plain blocks of text or image.

Translate all the technical gibberish into explainers. Materialize your elevator pitch.

If video is still off your marketing list, it’s time to rethink your strategy!

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