Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for your Website?

Search engine optimisation is not a small topic. It should form the foundation for marketing your online business. If you want to remain visible online, then the first you must invest in is a proper SEO strategy of your website. SEO is made up of several different elements that help your website rank higher. Offering constant growth to your business over a long period of time. Top SEO Agencies can help you grow your online presence and guide you in the best practices.

Importance Of SEO

Help increase Visibility and Ranking

One of the main functions of SEO is to improve exposure of your website, which makes it easier for people to find you. The importance of your website rating is directly linked with SEO.

The more likely visitors are to see your website and click on your site, the higher you a ranked on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

One-quarter of Google users never click past the first page results. 

It is therefore important to have someone either internally over outside that has the ability to help you reach the first page of Google for your keywords.   The better an SEO firm works the higher your position and the higher your exposure is. It is important to mention here that Search Engine Optimisation is a slow process and will take time. But done well you will see a return on investment well into the future, far beyond any ad spend. We like to think of this process as a long term partnership.

Provide a sense of Authority in your Industry

The definition of authority in SEO is relatively new. Search engines put a lot of weight behind a Websites Authority, as Googles founding principles was and still to give users

  • Relevance
  • Control
  • Results

Google wants a user to find what they are looking for. They assign a website, blog and so on with a numerical value for Authority. Simply put, authority means the website is:

  • Trustworthy,
  • Has high-quality content,
  • Important,
  • Has something to offer.

The more credible your website, the higher your rating. The higher your rating the more likely your brand will have in the way of showing up higher in the search rankings.

Increases Traffic to Your Website

Improved web traffic is one of SEO’s key targets. When you improve authority, exposure and rankings, you generally have a better chance of increased traffic.

Remember: of the several billion searches happening every day, nearly 33 percent of the clicks go to the result displayed by Google, and 75% of clicks go to the top 5 results.

Get into the first five results and you are golden.

With the vast majority of users not going past the first page of the search results it becomes vitally important to work on getting on the first page. Agin it is important to remember that organic traffic is free traffic. Other than the cost of the SEO service provider you hire there is no other costs. It then becomes worth it to invest the time and money to work on ranking your site higher for the Keywords that you want to rank for.

Create a Great Experience for Visitors

A website that is SEO friendly and well thought out will not only rank higher in the search results but will also help to reduce the bounce rates of uses (people to come onto site and look at 1 page and either close browser or click on the back button). This is because the visitor get relevant information on your site related to their search.

Top SEO agencies will also help to speed up your websites page loading speed. 50 % of users expect a website page to load within two seconds.  The longer the load time, the higher the likelihood the person will leave your website.

Help to Focus on Growth

The key element why companies and individuals focus on a SEO strategy is growth. SEO helps business to accomplish many of your business objectives. SEO helps develop a stronger relationship with your audience, boosting your customer experience. This gives you a competitive advantage over your competition as you have a more engaged customer base

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