Top 10 SEO Blogs to Follow in 2020

Anyone who has even remotely shown an interest in digital marketing must have come across the term SEO. In a nutshell, if an online business wants to stand out from the competition, the impeccable quality of service or product it offers will not suffice on its own. An online presence needs to be Search Engine Optimized to live up to its full business potential.

Therefore, learn SEO, and you are set to go for years to come? Well, not quite.

The online business world is a fast and ever-changing environment. Staying on top with the latest trends is an absolute must for all digital marketers, business owners, and SEO experts who wish to remain competitive. Luckily, there are literally thousands of blogs related to SEO services that contain the latest news, trends, and tutorials available at a click of a mouse. 

However, it would take a person several lifetimes to study them all and find those worth following. Hopefully this article has come to the rescue, with a well-researched list of 10 SEO blogs you need to closely monitor in 2020.

Top 10 SEO Blogs

Search Engine Watch

The initial place on the lists is reserved for a blog that dates back to 1996. This is way back when it comes to digital marketing, let alone SEO services. This amount of experience guarantees anyone visiting the blog will be able to find something useful practically every time they open it. It offers a combination of news and useful guides for all levels of SEO expertise.

Search Engine Land

Founded by Danny Sullivan once he left Search Engine Watch in 2006, Search Engine Land is a very productive SEO blog that publishes over a hundred news every day.  It is the first place you should check out if you want to stay on top of the latest news covering virtually any topic on search engine optimization. Besides, it regularly features events and welcomes the participation of their blog audience.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Unless you are a Google employee continually working on its search algorithm, the only way to try and figure out how it really works is to be as close to the source as possible. What better place than Google’s own blog discussing the latest updates, tweaks, and upcoming improvements? Checking in once a week will keep you on track and enable you to jump on board any upcoming changes as soon as they are announced.


If there is a place every aspiring SEO expert mentions as one of the most influential and insightful, it’s  Backlinko, founded, led, and powered by Brian Dean. Given the fact that a single author is responsible for all the content on this blog, it is natural that new information is not published every day. However, once Brian adds something new to his blog, rest assured it will be premium content aimed at SEO enthusiasts of all levels of expertise.


If, WordPress is your weapon of choice when it comes to online presence, Yoast is a perfect place for you. Many authors regularly contribute with texts related too technical and content SEO. Naturally, WordPress SEO is the most frequently covered field. You will find in-depth advice on how to reach a vast audience using the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress website.

Moz blog

When you type in SEO blogs in Google search, Moz is generally one of the top five that comes out. Clear evidence they know what they are writing about and that you should check them out. If you do not manage or need to browse through their content every day, make sure you don’t miss Whiteboard Friday. It is the best-known video series in the SEO world, where the most famous and influential SEO experts share their knowledge on practically every topic related to search engine optimization.


Another widely recognized name in the world of digital marketing. They cover all the aspects needed for successful online promotion and dedicate a large portion of their space to all those who wish to learn SEO. There is a team of authors that provides new content at least twice a month. Among other content, their high-quality studies and analysis have always grabbed the attention of SEO audience all over the world for a good reason.


A name you will not find on the majority of the top lists related to SEO blogs. A huge mistake. Shaun Anderson, its founder and sole contributor, has a lot to offer thanks to his knowledge of the SEO services with more than 20 years of experience in online marketing. He does not publish often, but every bit of content he gets out is well worth the wait. His blog posts are usually over 5k words long, yet, easy to read and offer an insightful and fresh outlook on the various SEO topics.

Neil Patel

When you are a New York Times bestseller author, praised by Forbes and Wall Street Journal as being a top web influencer, it must mean something. Besides being a genuine expert on Google algorithm, Neil Patel has a gift of presenting even the most complicated matters in an easy to read and grasp manner. On top of that, his content is filled with useful and practical SEO advice.

SEO by the Sea

Behind this catchy name are 30 years of online marketing experience of its founder and only author, Bill Slawski. He is a well-known name for all those who ever wondered why search engines do the things they do. If you are interested in Google’s past and present way of work, and particularly how it could work in the future, make sure you follow Mr. Slawski’s Google analysis.

Being consistently present in relevant searches has the strongest impact on how an individual business is visible to its potential clients. Following any of the SEO dedicated blogs listed above will provide expert advice on how to get to the top of the search. All you or your team have to do is put them to practical use.

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