SEO Copywriting: How Important is it?

If you have even glanced at a text about online marketing, there is a high chance that you came across the term SEO copywriting. Having a second look at content related to online marketing topics reveals that this term is often addressed. Furthermore, it appears in all areas of digital marketing.

You see where this is heading. This frequency of mention positively indicates that there is no dilemma whether SEO copywriting is an important notion. It is, by all means. Now, let’s shed some light on how vital it is and how it can help improve your website’s ranking.

What is SEO copywriting?

The abbreviation SEO is pretty self-explanatory. Search Engine Optimisation copywriting would entail that the content was written to provide the best possible material for a search engine to recognise and feature in its search results.

When we say search engine, we primarily mean Google since it stands far from the competition. Still, if content writing has only Google in mind, it will sound odd, perhaps even robotic. On the other hand, if the content has only readers in mind, there is a high probability that it won’t contain keywords Google’s search engine is looking for.

The best approach would be to have the content optimised both for the readers and Google. It is a hard balance to find, but it is far from impossible and worth all the effort. A well-written content, appealing to the readers and is at the same time optimised around sought after keywords, will surely grab the attention of the Google search algorithm and have greater chances of getting featured.

Proper SEO copywriting can boost UX signals

UX has always been an essential element of search algorithms. With an increase in the number of mobile users, the overall user experience will become even more crucial in the future. With that in mind, a website needs to send positive UX signals to a search engine to prove a good overall UX.

What is essential to know about SEO copywriting when UX and UX signals are concerned? Only one thing; it is equally valuable in securing and boosting UX signals as website design. If not more.

Let’s go deeper into the matter. Two major UX signals are:

  • click-through rate

CTR is simply a number that shows how many people clicked on your rich snippet or your search result page. And, it’s no secret that an engaging snippet, the one that provides information users are looking for and a well-written meta description, will induce a better CTR.

  • bounce rate

Having a tremendous rich snippet and meta description will not do if the bounce rate is high. That means that the visitors to your website spent too little time studying the content you provided and went back to Google to find another source. On the other hand, a low bounce rate indicates that content writing was up to the task, and visitors found what they were looking for and took time to read through.

In summary, UX oriented SEO copywriting is attention-grabbing, focuses on information users are looking for, and provides them in an easy to read manner. Short sentences, packed with sought after and insightful data, send appropriate UX signals. They should be your go-to writing style.

Meta description and rich snippet

The meta description tells a search engine about a web page’s main topic and why specific keywords and phrases repeatedly appear in the content. Consequently, Google will use the meta description as a snippet that might appear in SERP when users enter a keyword relevant to your page.

For this to happen, meta description needs to be craftily written since the snippet copy’s quality is what highly increases the chances of having a better CTR. Consequently, if that click takes the users to compelling content, the bounce rate would be lower. As a result, the webpage will gain additional credits with the search engine algorithm.

When it comes to a rich snippet, it will be featured in SERP if the information it provides is what users and search engine is looking for. The visual content helps. However, it is the copy that grabs attention. If it is informative, concise, and contains keywords users are entering into a search box, its chances of being featured in SERP are greater.

One final notion about meta descriptions: every page of a website should have a strong meta description. It will increase the overall chances of Google featuring a webpage.

In the end, it is the copy that sells

Search algorithms are complex devices; every digital marketing agency will vouch for that. Creating and maintaining a website that speaks the search engine’s language is a multi-layered and on-going process. And, every element of website architecture counts.

To go into details about all of these elements would take time. Among others, a website’s aesthetics, logical structure, and easy navigation system are highly valued by search engines. Coupled with a good site speed and impeccable mobile optimisation, the website is ready for top results.

Still, none of that will matter without proper word power. Regardless if you are offering a product or a service, it is a copy that will sell it in the end. After all, keywords that users entered into a search box got them to your website in the first place.

That is the essence of SEO copywriting. Content needs to attract the customers in an inviting and non-aggressive manner. It also needs to portrait your brand’s identity and values memorably. By covering all of this and providing an impeccable product or service quality,  you will successfully build a growing base of steady customers.

Not all digital marketing experts agree that SEO copywriting is the most important element for a website’s success. On the other hand, none of these experts would fail to implement it for all its benefits. They are all aware of how important SEO copywriting is in creating a website architecture with the best possible search potential.

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