Digital Marketing for your Startup

If you’re starting a business or just need rebranding, our business Startup Package will cover all the essentials needed to get your idea out of the ground.

We will cover your from logo development to marketing consultation. Your all-in-one solution to growing  your startup.

We tailor our packages, for you to best suit your budget and goals.

Book a discovery session and let us show you what can be achieved together.

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What's included in our Startup Package

Imagine 2 weeks from today you could be armed with a complete marketing suite ready to launch your business.

Your business is unique so, your package needs to reflect this. We will build a package that best suits your  requirements and budget. In  general below is what will be included:


Everything starts with branding.

Starting from a professional logo and going all the way up to Website design, Business cards and vehicle wraps. 

Domain Hosting & Email

Don’t worry about where to host your website, or what hosting even is.

We’ll make sure your website and emails are hosted on lightning fast servers that will get you ranking higher on Google.


You may be after a brochure type website with a blog, built on WordPress. or a full-blown e-commerce site to sell your products online.

Whatever you need, we can build it.

Social Media

Let us set up your all your accounts for you, the professional way. We will discuss what it is you want to accomplish and then build a strategy around this information. 

We’ll use brand consistent media to populate your accounts and then hand them over to you.

Need more?

We can handle your social media posting on an on-going basis as well. Remember we are here to help you build your business, the right way. 


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the process of ranking you higher on the Search Engines like Google.

Our approach to SEO, is as user friendly as it gets. This includes strengthening a site’s content, usability, authority and so making it valuable,  not only in the eyes of search engines, but of audiences as well.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Here is where things get interesting as we can get really creative on attracting new customers for you.

We can assist you with on going lead generation and email marketing campaigns to nurture and grow your client list. This is honestly the secret weapon when it comes to online marketing. Build a highly focused list. 

Let Rooted Digital be your Digital Startup Partner

Our experience will usually tell us straight away what you’re going to need over the next 3-24 months to make your goals a reality.

Digital marketing is our passion and we will dedicate ourselves to you & your company’s success. Our no lock-in contracts mean we rely on our performance to retain you.

Want more details on our Digital Marketing Startup Packages

Our brand, including your logo is your visual identity communicating to potential customers. Included is a startup branding package that goes beyond just a simple logo. You’ll be walking away with a style guide and corporate identity that many companies can’t even say they have. We’ve made it a standard practice to provide you with a branding and design package that matches your small business personality with your big business goals.

Your Business Startup Package will include these brand assets:

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Business Style Guide
  • Full Vector Design File Package

We help you to avoid any future headaches when it comes to not knowing what colour codes your logo is made up of, or what file the printing or shirt people want. A comprehensive and complex guide to your business brand, in a neat easy-to-understand bundle. All great brands need a style guide, trust us!

With your brand now capturing and communicating with your audience in seconds, we move onto your digital marketing epicentre; your website.

Your website forms the core of all of your digital marketing initiatives. We will set you up with a modern, mobile-friendly website.


Your site should be your best salesperson and can often do more things, at more affordable pricing than what you might have thought.

Automation is the future and we want to set you up with a small business solution that captures that, without breaking the bank.

From simple, online brochures right up to eCommerce stores and corporate sites. We’ve built them all.

Getting on social media is almost as important as having a website nowadays.

When we designed your site for you we would’ve also set up your social media accounts and linked them all up. On top of that, there’s also a business level access to social media that a lot of people don’t know about.

It sets the foundations for interest-based targeting and Facebook advertising, retargeting website visitors on their Facebook feeds and a lot of other cool stuff based on what the social media networks know about you.

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategic method of organically increasing your overall ranking for your web pages in Google’s search results. Rank 1 doesn’t just happen overnight but there are things you can do when you’re setting up, that will help speed up your process.

Your Business Startup Package will include the first month of SEO. This means post-launch we are taking care of your website and your online visibility to give you the best possible chance of having the pages of your website found on the search engines.

We submit all versions of your website to Google for indexing and ensure you’re error free. All that means is “super optimisation”.

Best of all, with your Business Startup Package, you would have invested in a marketing suite that we call “evergreen”.

Magazines and newspapers are picked up, read and put down. Evergreen content will be viewed day in, day out for the foreseeable future.

Tracking your website visitors and measuring their behaviour is like having a crystal ball for your startup business. We can tell where they’ve come from, what they do and where they leave. Small business and large companies must rely on this data to make website updates or changes to their marketing strategy.

Your Business Startup Package includes the full Google tracking suite, as well as a complimentary 3-month performance report to show you how your site has performed over the last quarter.

We’ve seen multi-million dollar businesses without these tools installed. You simply can’t track the performance of your digital marketing strategy without them.

Getting a consistent flow of leads into your new business is one of the best ways of ensuring your success. Few business problems aren’t sorted out by a healthy cashflow.

Post launch we will arm you with recommendations to start your lead generation process through a digital marketing strategy. As a Google™ partner, we can assist you in utilising proven methods on popular platforms such as Google™ Ads, Facebook™ & Instagram™ advertising, as well as email automation to get you in touch with potential paying customers. Let us fill your sales pipeline and you just worry about running your business.

After all, you were planning on making profits, right?

Start Up Packages FAQ's

Every business is unique and we really have no cookie-cutter approach to your Business Startup Package. A typical startup package will usually include:

  1. Startup Branding
    A branding package that includes logo, brand colours, business style guide, and a full vector design file package. This will give you the power to have brand consistency across all of your messaging, even if you decide to have somebody else do your building signage or company polos!

    We can help you with vehicle graphics and wrapping, promotional material and other graphic design such as flyers, brochures or presentation folders.

  2. Your Website
    Your website is the epicentre of all of your marketing and sales efforts, so it must be professional. You don’t want to be seen with a site that is outdated, not mobile friendly or thrown together yourself. The users can tell and will judge your service quality based on the quality of your website. So we need to present you as polished. We like to use WordPress as our professional choice for your website, but if you have other ideas we can work with most platforms. If you’re needing eCommerce/online shop functionality, we’re the people for you.

  3. Social Media
    Love it or hate it, but social media is a necessity nowadays. You don’t need to be active but you need to be present at the very least. We can simply secure and populate your pages for you, or go as far as creating and carrying out a complete social media marketing strategy. We’ll advise on that based on your input.
  4. SEO
    SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of ranking you higher on Google. As part of your Business Startup Package we will take care of the fundamentals so your website sends the right signals to Google. It won’t get you ranking #1 without additional effort, but you’re far more likely to begin ranking.
  5. Analytics & Tracking
    Everyone loves watching the first traffic come to their website, but if you’re a data geek like us, then you’ll really love the analytics and tracking. We’ll set your site up with all of the Google tracking tools to give you an insight into where users are coming from, what they’re doing while there and much much more. In the early days you’ll probably want to check in every now and then to make sure people are actually noticing you.
  6. Lead Generation & Advertising
    While not necessary we definitely recommend coupling your business launch with a marketing, lead generation or other paid advertising campaign. These days you need to make noise to be found online, so let’s make the right kind of noise for you and attract new business opportunities for you.

Your Business Startup Package will include these brand assets:

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Business Style Guide
  • Full Vector Design File Package

We help you to avoid future headaches when it comes to not knowing what colour codes your logo is made up of, or what file the printing or shirt people want. A comprehensive and complex guide to your business brand, in a neat easy-to-understand bundle. All great brands need a style guide, trust us!

We aim to have your Business Startup Package process completed within 4 weeks, however depending on the nature and size of your project it may take longer.

We’ve found that usually the biggest delay comes from the client. As you’re busy preparing for the launch of your business you have a lot to worry about, while we do have processes in place to make communication with you easy and efficient, we will eventually need some of your input. You’re the expert after all!

If you’re launching your business just to have a go, to test the waters, or if it’s really just a hobby, then we encourage you to build the website yourself using builders like WordPress,  Squarespace or Wix. 

If however, your business is something that you have serious plans for and you are wanting to attract traffic from Google or just require website functionality that is just a little bit beyond your standard online sales brochure, then do not attempt to build the site yourself.

Your time is worth more than what you’ll waste trying to work out a potentially complex system.

The average business spends about $5,000 in total on their business startup package, with plenty of options of both reducing costs or increasing features.

We were the first in Perth to offer a Business Startup Package, we understand small and micro business owners better than most other digital marketing agencies out there.

That also means we understand pricing and budget constraints. Let us work with you to come up with a package to fits both your requirements and your budget.

Let us help launch you online with our Business Startup Package. Contact us today and lets get started.

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