Frequently Asked Questions our clients have asked in the pass and ones we just feel are relevant. If you don’t see the answer to a question you have then please click on the messenger app in the bottom right of the page, or call us. 

How long do you recommend SEO works are carried out?

We recommend a minimum term of 6 months. Although results can be achieved extremely fast, if you leave after just one or two months you are yet to experience the full benefit of the ground work we put in. To grow and maintain ranking SEO should be considered a long term activity and this is when best results happen.

Are there any keywords that can't rank?

Phrases already taken by another one of our clients. It would unfair to rank 2 clients for the same phrase since only 1 can be the winner. Also there will be some phrases so competitive we just cannot guarantee increased rankings. If that is the case we will advise you. Lastly we can’t guarantee final results of keywords. We will definitely put our best foot forward to help you rank for the most competitive of keywords.  

How long will it take for us to see results?

Results are determined by a number of factors. We have an onboarding procedure and a clearly defined work order to follow. A weekly report will be sent to show how our works are going and what has been done. If no SEO work has previously been done and your phrase is not overly competitive, then you could in some cases see an improvement in a matter of days. Competitive markets can take much longer. 

Will you guarantee a minimum number of links with my package?

We do not sell packages by backlinks. Services that sell packages based on a number of backlinks may get tempted to produce low quality links using suspicious tools. The primary feature that sets our packages apart is we focus on quality content distribution. We prepare the core resources and this original content ‘sticks’ in the search engine longer.

Who makes the content?

We have several levels of packages. However we offer as part of the top package to produce all articles, PDF’s, press releases and videos. Our specialist content writers and media gurus will make the material needed. Images and photographs used in your campaign content is sourced either from our library or purchased for your project. If we require specialist content including logo’s your Rooted Digital Project Manager will get in contact and discuss the requirements. 

What are the log-in details for the accounts you create?

These Login details are preserved as a private information to protect the anonymity of you and other customers.

Where do the articles you create get submitted?

Articles will be submitted to high authority article sites. 

Whose social media profiles are used for content postings?

We have access to a number of social media accounts. Posts from these accounts are not made in your name and are definitely not representing your business on your behalf. They serve as a third party endorsements of your website content. 

However if we are doing your social media marketing we will need access to those accounts to make posts on your behalf. 

Where I can see the links you have created to my website?

There are 2 ways to what links we have made.

1: In our weekly report we send out you will get a list of the submissions we have made.

2: Sign in at Google Search Console, you will be able to download a list of recent links.

When I checked at the position of my target keywords in Google, it doesn’t seem to match with the result from your weekly report. Why?

Results will fluctuate on a Monthly / weekly and even daily basis and are entirely unique to each searcher.  This is based on your location and browsing history. The results we report have been checked with a clear browser cache and randomised IP addresses to simulate a fresh search.

Google My Business and Local SEO

As this is a relatively new program for Google a lot of small to medium business have either not done anything with it or have just done the basics not understanding just how powerful it is for their business. 

What Is Google My Business (GMB)

Think of Google My Business (GMB) as Googles equivalent services like Yelp!, Facebook Pages or Bing Places. Given the fact that Google has by far the biggest market share when it comes to internet related search and just pure traffic volume, it is basically the only thing that is absolutely necessary for businesses today.

Do I have to add our companies legal name?

Quick answer is YES. You might be wondering why we this is important! It’s vitally important for NAP consistency to get this exactly right including your companies designation for example LLC, Inc., etc.

Will a company name change effect my NAP ranking?

Letting us know of any name changes, contact number and address changes in the last 10 years is important to make sure that our experts can trawl the Internet to find and amend the old information.

How do I start the process of setting up my GMB page.

Please use our Onboarding Questionnaire to enter the complete street address information, corresponding phone number, Business Opening Hours, Email Address and so on. Be sure multi-location businesses have assigned unique phone numbers to each location to prevent citation confusion. Also note that inconsistency in the provided opening hours will affect your GMB Listing.

What if the addresses listed on the onboarding questionnaire represent virtual offices or shared space within an office used by other businesses?

Generally Google will now allow this for there GMB service. Virtual Offices generally don’t have a unique address. Google will stop you at the application stage. Again if you use a PO Box for mail then this will also be stopped at the application stage. 

Do my locations I want to listed have to have staff during the stated business hours?

Be sure all the locations comply with GMB guidelines and are eligible to be listed. 

If I am a single location service business that goes to customers instead of having walk-ins, do I have to do anything special.

List all towns and locations that your service business cover. This dictates the scope of content development that should either be audited or undertaken.

If we are a multi-location business, what to we do when listing areas covered?

Please list the name of each location, followed by at least 3-5 towns and cities you serve from that location. 

I only have a website what address do I give?

As with the company name, address and contact number citation consistency is very important. We would suggest the home page instead of any specialist landing page.

Do I need direct login access and login information for my domain register and website hosting.

Companies not in control of their website may be unable to implement suggestions. It will be a prerequisite that enough control is present for implementation.

Do I need to have access to Google Analytics and/or Google search console?

We would suggest that you have this information for the job to be completed correctly. If you don’t have an account then we will need to create one as part of the service.

For the GMB listing can I have keywords used?

We would suggest that you give us a list of 10 Keywords that you would like to be ranked locally for. This will dictate many things, including keyword research, citation category choice, site architecture, content development and more.

We as a business offer a number of products and services, would you need this?

Yes please, list out all your products and services that your company offers. This will help with keyword research, Market research, Content development possibilities and more.

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