Is Facebook the Up and Coming Advertising Space

Perhaps you’ve seen some spot-on ads on your news feed, or you are pondering dabbling in Facebook advertising (FB ads) to diversify your digital marketing strategy. Wherever you stand with this social media giant, let’s take a closer look at the medium and see what it has to offer.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Laser focus

The most powerful feature of the platform is its targeting capabilities, given the colossal libraries of data that Facebook owns about its users.

You are able to sift through dozens of filters including work, location, education, financial status, marital status, family, ethnicity, generation, behaviors.

Remember that cat video you “liked”, they added that to their data pool. Or that time you changed your relationship status to “Its complicated”, you better guess they got that too.

One thing is for sure, every time a user voluntarily interacts, Facebook keeps note and submits said data to advertisers. You can only imagine the infinite possibilities.

1/5th of the world

With 2.45 billion active users monthly, that beats the active users on every other social media channel (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) combined *

If there was ever a moment to hop on the bandwagon because “everybody else is!”, this is it.

Its unquestionable that there are people on the platform interested in what your business has to offer, you just need to find them.

Degree of influence

Facebook does so well at B2C targeting because its largely personal.
It achieves its degree of influence by virtue of their leveraging of “social proof” in their advertising, wherever possible.

Facebook is well aware that we value the opinions of our connections when it comes to buying a product or service.

So, when a product is pushed, you’ll notice that Facebook will subtly inform you that your friends X and Y like the product/page being advertised. This acts as a form of social referral, that will encourage you to check it out.

Testing, 1, 2, …

Let’s say you’ve splurged your budget on a traditional marketing campaign, and you saw no results. You may have run the promotion at the wrong time, maybe your communication wasn’t strong enough… a lot can potentially go wrong.

With Facebook Advertising, this scenario is implausible. Set up your campaign and give the algorithm its time. You may yield results, or you may not. No biggie! You get full reporting and you’re free to tweak anything you find not serving you well. Change the targeting/try out a different image…
You’d never run a campaign and sit oblivious to the outcome.
The power is in your hands!

Remarketing Campaigns

For leads that have visited your site but possibly just need that last push over-the-fence, remarketing works wonders.
You could create a Website Custom Audience for customers who have abandoned your landing page after clicking, while excluding those who made it to your “thank you” page.
Another feature, Lookalike Audiences, is to take a custom audience that converts well and clone them. That will save you from taking a shot in the dark.

Social media marketing gurus have deemed it the most powerful tool for business growth.

Now, watch your conversions skyrocket.

The wealth of data that Facebook has amassed may seem creepy, but it’s every marketers dream. It is clear that as of now, Facebook remains the biggest kid on the block; with 21.6 B rounded up in ad revenue and a whopping 25% increase last year. *

If you want to get ahead and find the leads for you, Facebook Advertising may be your best shot.

It’s safe to say some businesses believe in it, and are at it hard and heavy. Are you one of them?

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