Factors that affect an Email Marketing Campaign

How is your email marketing campaigns performing currently?

Are you regularly making use of an email marketing campaigns for leads, customers, and followers?

The chances are that you might be implementing them correctly, but still are not able to generate the desired results. Like most of us this is probably the case. 

Email marketing is still regarded as one of the most important digital marketing strategies. It helps with bringing back past, current and future clients to your site, increasing overall clicks to your site, improving and converting sales.

You should aim at developing a strategy that helps you reach your goals. This can be done by considering all possible factors that are known to influence clients. Each client is unique and as such we must try and tailor our approach when contacting them. We do this by constantly updating our mailing lists. This has been made easier with Facebook and LinkedIn we can discover information that helps us tailor our offering to better suit the end users likes and dislikes.

While email marketing might not be a “one-size-fits-all” strategy, there are some key factors that apply to all businesses –irrespective of the overall size or scale of businesses. If you wish to succeed in your email marketing or SEO strategy, here are some of the important factors to consider:

  • Subscriber Count: This important factor in a successful email campaigns is the overall subscriber count. The total number of people you have in the respective subscriber list. As discussed above always try and drill down your Subscriber list as much as possible. Understand what it is they want, like and dislike. Knowing this will help with firstly getting therm to read the email and secondly if they will want to remain on your list.
  • Delivery Rate: The overall rate of delivery in the respect of an  email campaign also serves to be an important factor. In the given context, it is important to schedule email output on a periodic basis. You can either consider sending out emails at some predictable time or announcing a sale or some upcoming promotion.

You might even consider a giveaway for filling out a survey, or buying a product. At its basic level, you should aim at keeping up an email schedule while ensuring that subscribers as well as customers get access to important information in a timely & predictable manner. Once you start this you are working towards the rule of seven. This rule (in a nutshell) proposes that to get a person comfortable with a brand or product they would need to see your service in our case a Digital Marketing Agency 7 times prior to them making a buying decision.

  • Email Open Rate: The ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to increase the overall opening rate of the emails sent. In case the receivers are deleting your emails when they land in their inbox, it is not going to help  increase overall revenue. You can look forward to increasing the overall opening rate in several ways. One of the ways to ensure the same is by changing the email title.

Ensure the title of your email is reflecting your promotion as well as your brand. A great title is more likely to be opened. Therefore, you should aim at brainstorming few innovative titles while conducting A/B testing observe the overall performance of the campaign.

  • Bounce Rate: There are several factors that will effect your Bounce rate. The most important is to make sure you have up to date emails. Having a list that is not maintained and constantly updated is one of the most frustrating things in the world.  Spending hours crafting the perfect email only to find it only gets through to a small amount of the intended readers is (in my opinion) soul destroying. A marketer should keep his list relevant and up to date. The bounce rate happens to be the rate at which receivers would bounce off a particular page or web portals. You should be aimed at keeping up with the bounce rate by reducing the same as much as possible.

The bounce rate can be effectively analysed with the help of Google Analytics and other tools. The ultimate goal is to decrease the overall bounce rate for the emails while increasing the ability to gain the interest of the target audience. At the same time, you should not forget adding links to the landing or sales page that you would like to promote within the emails while including a proper call to action.

  • Click to Conversion Ratio: Another important metric that you are required to consider is the click to conversion ratio. It is not sufficient to get the target audience to click the links on the email. You should be capable of motivating them at the same time to buy whatever you might be offering such that is helps in improving the overall flow of revenue.
  • eCPM Rate (Effective Cost per Mille): Another vital factor that you will come across in the email marketing strategy is the eCPM rate. It is referred to as the total earnings that you are capable of tracking per thousand emails. Once you have a 1000 email responses, you are capable of building a true statistical picture of your respective email campaign and sales strategies.
  • Lifetime Value Per Email: Have you considered the overall value of a single customer to your brand? This is the ultimate goal of marketing –predicting and influencing the potential or lifetime value a customer to the business. This is why you should aim at creating great websites and email marketing campaigns in the first place. It should be aimed at increasing the overall chances of getting and holding loyal customers.


There are several different aspects of email marketing as well as factors that you are required to consider while planning the email marketing strategy for your brand. A successful email marketing campaign is known to combine all the essential aspects such that you are able to monitor the overall progress. If you are not able to keep up with the metrics, it will be impossible to monitor the overall progress of your email marketing campaign

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