Digital Marketing during COVID 19: Pros and Cons

In the days during the COVID pandemic, it is safe to say that the changes it has caused have taken the world by storm. As time passes, it becomes clear that no stone will be left unturned. Practically all areas of our lives are affected, and there are no signs that the situation is going to return to normal anytime soon.

The devastating effects of the pandemic and the fact that it has fundamentally changed people’s habits have a continual impact on virtually any service and product available. Digital marketing is one of the areas that is forecasted to go through prolonged changes. What are the pros and cons of digital marketing in COVID 19 times?

There are no universal solutions

Digital marketing is, by definition, something that any business can gain from, as long as they keep to fundamentals and employ suitable SEO services. However, the pandemic has shown that the standard digital marketing solutions that were universally applicable to all business so far don’t have such a universal effect anymore.

How do we know this is true? The EU statistics show dramatic discrepancies when different industries are concerned. Similar figures apply worldwide and imply a need to find other digital marketing solutions for damaged sectors.

For example, travel and transportation, as one of those industries most severely struck by the pandemic, will have to come up with a new approach in their digital marketing campaigns to stay alive. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals and media industries can keep up with their usual way of doing business since their sales rapidly increased.

Additional customer attention

Various measures to combat the COVID spread, such as lockdowns and shorter working hours caused retail sales to plummet. On the other hand, direct consumer sales have skyrocketed. Naturally, the trend was noticed, and businesses quickly began their shift to a more online approach.

The increase in the number of eCommerce offerings and online service providers means a more challenging competition. Since UX experience is one of the essential success requirements for online businesses, catering to customers’ needs with additional detail makes a difference and outplays the competition.

That means that universal campaigns will have to be replaced with direct, one on one personalised digital marketing. As an example, if you have restaurants operating all over Europe, inviting them to try your new dinner menu would have to be country-specific. At the moment, restaurants in Germany are closed and delivery is the only option. At the same time, in Croatia, they are open until 22h and customers can choose their dining option.

Responsiveness became even more important

Increased responsiveness comes as a natural extension of the efforts aimed at providing the additional customer attention. As mentioned previously, online businesses have seen the rise in the number of sellers and customers alike. That is an excellent opportunity for companies to expand their customer base, which is possible only if they rise above the rising competition.

One of the ways to retain your newly attracted customers is to efficiently respond to their demands and prevent them from going to the competition. It will demand additional effort from your customer support division. Still, without securing the fastest possible response, you risk losing them.

Agile marketing and audience targeting

Let’s look at the restaurant example ones more. Digital marketing and SEO services that it entails need to take a more individualistic and responsive approach. As we all know, measures for fighting the pandemic are location specific and far from uniform.

Digital marketing campaigns and SEO that reinforces them have to stay on top of things and be ready to adapt to any change at any moment. Changes in campaigns and audience targeting have to be more agile. That will require an additional effort of the marketing and SEO service team. Still, it is the only way to remain competitive in the long run.

A helping hand

There is no better moment to offer help than times like these. Being there for their customers is something successful businesses always do. That is one of the crucial reasons why they have such a base of loyal customers.

Starting digital campaigns that offer discounts and even free products or services will result in a drop in sales. However, it would help if you looked at it as an investment in the pros that are to come in the future.

Several examples had shown that the businesses that offered a helping hand to their customers when the pandemic started prospered as time passed. SEO that includes the terms discounts and free always have a wider reach. As a result, the customer base rapidly increases, which eventually increases sales.

Conversion rates drop demands action

Many industries have experienced a drop in conversion rates since the start of the pandemic. Some have gradually or fully adapted in the meantime, but the majority of businesses that sell online still experience decline in conversion rates. Luckily, there is a remedy for this.

Among other applicable changes, offering different payment plans proved to be of the most successful solutions to boost conversion rates during COVID.  In times when people seek means to reduce their cash spending, introducing monthly or quarterly payment plans will help.

This kind of conversion rate improvement is universally applicable. It can be used by all eCommerce companies, as well as those selling all types of services, eBooks or digital courses.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. When you think things are starting to get better, the situation dramatically changes for the worst. Unlike dealing with tight deadlines and fixed schedules you are used to in your business, there are simply no valid predictions when things could get back to normal.

On the other hand, regardless when the pandemic ends, there are high chances that the way digital marketing works best today will remain to be a standard. As always, the faster you jump on-board with the new forms of online marketing and incorporating SEO services, the bigger the chances you will succeed in finding a secure spot for your product or service.

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