Content is King?

“Content is king” – a phrase coined by Bill Gates a couple of decades ago. And yet, extremely relevant today.

Every component in your digital marketing strategy is designed to promote your business. SEO Content is one of those components that has the same purpose, but in a more subtle, persuasive way.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why seo content is a tool you must leverage:

1. Content is in direct conversation with the customer

The content that you emit is the first point of contact that the customer has with your brand. This is a chance to take the conversation deeper; to educate your audience members on what you provide as a business and what you stand for.

Your content tells the world that you are the expert in your industry. When the information you put out is substantial, you are posing yourself as an industry authority.

You are building trust and a solid connection with the customer, before going in for the sell.

Keep in mind, the internet is growing up. Users are now web-savvy. They know the difference between spam and substance, and are so quick to hit the X button on their browsers if your content is not up to par with their expectations.

Captivate your customers and give them a reason to stay. That will set you aside from all of your competitors.

2. Content ranks on Google

Everyday customers are surfing the internet with their concerns related to your industry and every single query is your opportunity to be their go-to resource.

Content creation fuels your SEO Content. When you create content that is optimized and consistent, Google is able to find you better in order to index your page and show higher up in the search results.

Every one of your visitors is a new potential, organic customer. And if your content did its job right, you win!

3. Content earns conversions

The medium of content is creating a paradigm shift in the way we do business.
Instead of going after customers in outbound marketing activities, you are allowing customers to come to you. Content is not about selling at first sight, but rather about adding value. That is the key difference that makes all the difference!

Leads that you have engaged will subscribe to your feed, fill your forms and most definitely, purchase your product.

It is safe to say that content is the beating heart of your digital marketing strategy. It is essential for success and has the potential to deliver on that success consistently.

The one characteristic that sets SEO writing content apart from other marketing tools is that it has absolutely no shelf-life:

Your content will be driving in traffic for years down the line, assuming that you are on top of your game, spewing out well-written content on a frequent basis.

Marketers will tell you it best; to leave your content stagnant is a death wish for your business.
Nevertheless, writing real content is not a simple task. You will not go anywhere churning slapdash, second-rate content.

That is where content writers come in

Content writers have mastered the art of succinctly positioning your business and spurring the reader into action.

Content writers know market research and the competitive landscape like the back of their hand. They are able to produce detailed user flows and information architecture, to propel customers to designated conversion points.

They are not as close as you are to your business – and therefore, can look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes and give you quality content, saving you precious time and growing you exponentially, one piece of content at a time.

Your ROI is bound to be off the charts.

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