5 Keys to Resume Optimisation

If you are searching for job or even going for an interview over the coming month then keep these 5 Resume Optimisation tips in mind.

1: Keep it short and to the Point

There is no need to write too much on a resume. It is a balancing act, you do not to overstate your experience and achievements, but you also need to make it clear what you have done. A few relevant, clear accomplishments should do the trick. That’s why most job seekers skip the old-fashioned resume format and opt for a text listing their most important career achievements. “Keep it short and to the point, no more than one page,” writes Mike Spirtas, founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter.com.

Mark Thornton, of RootedDigital.com said “There are many examples online of what a good and bad Resumes looks like. Use the job description you are currently interested in and from this identify the key attributes and keywords to then use in your Resume.”

When writing your resume, make sure  your qualifications and accolades are relevant to the position/industry you are applying for. Anything that does not add value just remove from the CV.  An example of this could be removing your summer internship you did when you were in school as a lifeguard.

Don’t include awards you have received for simply doing your job, even if you received it because of excellent performance (unless it is relevant and a recognised industry award.

2: Check your resume and Job description

Cross-check the detail on your resume with the job description You might think that writing a stellar resume in your free time is enough to give you the edge on the competition. But that does not always work. Sometimes you need to turn to a professional resume writer to ensure you match the details in the job description. If you don’t have a job description then get in contact with the Human Resources department or Hiring manager. They might be able to help you with an overview or even send over the finished job description.

3: Use Clear and consistent formatting

Make sure you are using consistent, clear formatting throughout. It important to remember that on the average job posting roughly 250 applicants will apply. This means with the time constraints recruitment and HR mangers spend on average 6 seconds per application. It is important to make finding their requirements as easy as possible.

4: List your Key points

It might seem overwhelming but remember that you are selling yourself to the reader of the Resume. Make it easy for them to find what they want and not move onto the next applicant. List your key points at the top of the resume. A short paragraph that summarizes what you are going to bring to the role. Key points should focus on career-related accomplishments, skills and relevant experience, because this is what is most important to your prospective employer.

5:Stay Organised

Stay organised with your records. If you are amending your Resume to suit each job posting then make sure you make a record of what has been sent where. If you make any updates then again make sure that you know what has been changed and who has received it. This is critical when you are called for an interview be it on the phone, a Zoom call or in person. Be the professional you want them to see and turn up with the correct documentation. Make sure your resume is kept up to date. Keep in mind your career trajectory – for instance, if you’re applying for a role as a result of a career transition, make sure your resume includes more than just your most recent position. Your resume should also explain what you’ve learned from previous roles and make the most of these previous experiences.

Need Help writing your Resume?

Do you need to write your resume then please spent a bit of time going through this article and many others on our blog here at RootedDigital.com. If you can’t seem to get the results that you are looking for then don’t hesitate to get in contact where our specialists. We pride ourself on the results we have given to our clients who have gone onto finding any being hired for their dream jobs. Watch our 1 minute explainer video to give you a little more information on why our services will help you get the results you are looking for.

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