13 Things About Google PPC You May Not Have Known

Are you new to the Google Ads world? Google Ads serves to be a unique platform allowing you to advertise through display and search advertisements. You can consider the same as a funnel to your target audience. As Google Ads serves to be a major tool, we will help you understand more about PPC or Pay Per Click form of advertising.

Whether you are starting out or a seasoned player in the given field, here are some important things you should know about Google PPC for your marketing strategy:

  1. Stay Organized: It is quite easy to get lost with Google Ads. Therefore, it is important to organize yourself when it comes to navigating in & out of the platform.


  1. Execute Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously: You can consider Google Ads in the form of a pyramid with campaigns representing the top of the structure. Therefore, you should execute several campaigns at the same time.


  1. Create a Keyword List: Keywords are the building blocks of PPC. As such, you should search for relevant keywords based on the specific requirements of the target audience.


  1. Know About Negative Keywords: These are just as significant as important keywords. However, these are the keywords that you should avoid. You should generate a list of negative keywords that you should avoid.


  1. Extensions: These are small-sized text-based snippets to draw the attention of people to click the respective ads. Extensions are great for increasing the overall trust and credibility of the ads.


  1. Focus on Optimization: After creating your ad campaign, you should set them live. Optimizations occur when you check into the campaign for ensuring everything is running smoothly.


  1. Execute Remarketing Campaigns: With several remarketing strategies available out there, you should not overlook the same. Remarketing serves to be a great technique of increasing the overall conversions from previous campaigns.


  1. Select the Right Bid Strategy: With several strategies to choose from, it could be a daunting task. You should select the same wisely by outlining your goals and deciding which strategy would fit your specific requirements.


  1. Quality Score: Google is known to impart a proper rating to your website on the basis of the relevance between your ads & keywords. Therefore, while setting up the campaign, you should focus on the same.


  1. A/B Testing for Your Ads: During the creation and execution of your PPC ad campaign, it is imperative to ensure A/B testing for the same. You can consider two separate copies and run them simultaneously to observe which one performs better.


  1. Pay Attention to the Basics of Your Campaign: The trick is to start simply as well as focus on the basics of a PPC campaign. Pay attention to the conversion point of your brand along with ensuring conversion tracking for your business.


  1. Account Structure: Ensure that the keywords are grouped tightly within multiple ad groups. Understand the difference that exists between search ad groups.


  1. Bid Management: Monitor the bids for making sure that you are spending your money in the right places.

Google PPC is vital to maximize the overall success of your business. Know all about it with the help of business experts.

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